El The Burguillo Reservoir with its granite rock basin collects the crystalline water from the nearby Sierra de Gredos and gives the sand on its beaches its light color and clean texture.

Regarding the flora of the Island, we can consider it as a botanical garden with an interesting variety of plants; You will find acacias, junipers, quinces, black poplar, various types of pine (pinaster, sylvestris, nigra), peaches, black elderberries, lilos, rosemary, figs, apple trees, pear, cherry, chestnut, vines, almond tree, laurel, hazelnut , poplar, olive, plum, walnut, ivy, privet, lilies, holm oaks ...

On the island you will enjoy watching a variety of birds, many of which will delight you with their trills such as red rocker, bluethroat, river pipit, sparrow, wood pigeon ... highlighting the great variety of raptors, golden eagle, booted, short-toed, buzzard, Kestrel, black and red kite, alcotán, eagle owl and tawny owl… you can also enjoy the flight of the griffon vulture, the black vulture and the stork.

The swamp offers an interesting and abundant variety of fish, abundant in black bass, barbel, carp, and rainbow trout.

Nearby is the Valle de Iruelas Natural Reserve  declared a Special Bird Protection Area, where an important colony of black vultures nests

In the same Reserve is the Castañar del Tiemblo ("the magic forest of stories") magnificent chestnut forest, which has numerous hundred-year-old specimens, the oldest is over 500 years old.

The history of La Isla del Burguillo dates back to 1926, the year in which the reservoir was inaugurated.



Isla del Burguillo